Jean-François Bélanger
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Les entrailles de la montagne


After three years of painstaking work, Jean-François Bélanger has completed recording his diptych dedicated to the influences and instruments of Scandinavian music. Part two, Les entrailles de la montagne, examines the forces of nature and their effect on the human psyche. For this project, the Montreal composer solicited the participation of twenty veteran musicians of the traditional and world music scenes, among them Yann Falquet, Patrick Graham, Natalie Haas, Bertil Schulrabe and Jeannot Bournival. The meticulous and finely-honed production addresses the reflective, instinctual side of each human being. It invites the listener to converse with the bubbling magma of our unconscious and to hear the pulse that has existed within us since the beginning of time.


Flawlessly played, endlessly varied and fascinatingly complex (…) a tone poem
Alex Monaghan

FolkWorld, July, 2019

« Les Entrailles de la Montagne has a gentle grace and balance that’s close to perfection »
Merlyn Driver

Songlines, March, 2019

« The whole project is a masterpiece of subtlety »
Raul da Gama

The WholeNote, January 29, 2019

« Number one on our list of astounding recordings this year was Les Entrailles de la Montagne from the very talented multi-instrumentalist Jean-François Bélanger […] We loved his poetic approach to composition of melodies that sound like they’ve been on their way from Scandinavia for millennia […] so phenomenally unique and wonderful »
Elizabeth Szekeres

Roots Music Canada, January 4, 2019

« A superb album »
Dominic Béland

CIBL, November 11, 2018

« These melodies will take you […] down a vivid, technicolour road […] The sheer mastery of these unusual instruments is astounding […] Twenty-five years of mastering his art has lead to this work; the time spent shows magnificently […] a work of art »
Elizabeth Szekeres

Roots Music Canada, October 29, 2018

« A meticulous and thoughtful artist whose work is imbued with a variety of moods and feelings […] a truly deep look into the roots of Nordic music »
Cliff Furnald

RootsWorld, September 22, 2018

« A meticulous and thoughtful artist whose work is imbued with a variety of moods and feelings […] a truly deep look into the roots of Nordic music »
Cliff Furnald

RootsWorld, September 22, 2018

« A multi-instrumentalist of genius (…) You get the feeling that each note, each tone is well-thought-out, imagined, felt (..) A rich production for our greatest pleasure »
Philippe Krümm

5planètes, February 26, 2018

« Sweetness, romanticism and depth come together in these delicate compositions […] This is a well-conceived, original approach in a top-notch production »
Marc Bauduin

Le Canard Folk, February, 2018

« This music is really beautiful! (…) A man who is both inspired and inspiring »
Céline Galipeau

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, January 31, 2018

« A flawless album […] an absolute favourite […] you must listen to this disc! »
François Marchesseault

ICI Radio-Canada Première, December 27, 2017

« An enchanting album from start to finish which will transport you and touch your soul […] an album you could quickly become addicted to! »
Marie-Josée Boucher

Info-Culture, November 4, 2017

« Les entrailles de la montagne verges on perfection. This splendid, imaginative work brings us to creation and contemplation […] You must listen to this great beauty from start to finish, often and without reservation »
François Marchesseault

ICI-Musique, October 30, 2017

« Magic! »
Robert Legault

CFLX, October 24, 2017

« Truly, what music! […] we are in a world teeming with creativity! […] an exceptional musician […] he knows the innermost recesses of the soul […] a great composer and interpreter who knows how to find the people he needs to interpret his music […]  Really, we want more of this! »
Denis Grenier

CKRL, October 15, 2017

« Really well done! »
Catherine Perrin

ICI Radio-Canada Première, October 13, 2017

« Once again, this album is admirable, really well thought out […] I love it! »
Frédéric Lambert

ICI Radio-Canada Première, October 13, 2017

« A musician and composer of genius […] a really marvellous album »
Denis Grenier

CKRL, October 8, 2017

« The composer displays a universe of rich, uncluttered sound and a tradition that is very much of today »
Réjean Beaucage

VOIR, October 2, 2017

« The careful recording and production combine the reflexive, instinctive and noble traits that exist within every human being […] an unqualified success »
Dan Behrman

Magazine Son & Image, October, 2017

« The brilliant composer and multi-instrumentalist, Jean-François Bélanger delivers a less introspective, more energetic and ebullient album […] The album is one of great sensitivity; simultaneously gentle, intimate and soaring but also cavernous, deep and passionate: superb! »
Yves Bernard

Le Devoir, September 29, 2017

« An imagined, universal folklore […] a formidable success »
André Rhéaume

Cloudcast, September 27, 2017

« A very beautiful album »
Mathieu Oligny

CHOQ, September 17, 2017

« A work of beauty […] a universe in which a light emerges, always »
Marc Bolduc

CKVL, September 15, 2017

« One of the best CDs of 2017 »
Jon Sirkis

Indie Acoustic Project, March 31, 2017

Les vents orfèvres 


After three years of painstaking work, Jean-François Bélanger has finished recording his diptych dedicated to Scandinavian instruments and their influences. Part one, Les vents orfèvres is dedicated to matters of the spirit. For this project, the Montreal composer has enlisted the participation of twenty veteran musicians from the traditional and early music scenes. Among them are Susie Napper, Olivier Fortin, Natalie Haas, Yann Falquet and the Claudel-Canimex Quartet. The meticulous and finely-honed production touches the part of us that refuses to succumb to the noisy, fast-paced rhythm of modern life. Instead, it proposes a deeper encounter, at once profound, introspective and welcoming.


« Sweetness, romanticism and depth come together in these delicate compositions like the magnificent « Valse nuptiale » […] This is a well-conceived, original approach in a top-notch production »
Marc Bauduin

Le Canard Folk, February, 2018

« Entirely conceived, composed, played and brilliantly recorded in Quebec, this supremely beautiful music sends waves of calm and introspective pleasure to those that listen with an attentive soul. […] An exceptional album»
Dan Behrman

Magazine Son & Image, September, 2015

« A novel adventure from superbly talented musicians who open up new horizons to us. […] A fertile marriage of Nordic music and our own traditional music »
Gilles Boisclair

Paroles & Musique, Winter, 2015

« A unique listening experience, a bridge between cultures and traditions […] A marvel of invention and poetry. […] Truly beautiful »
Denis Grenier, CKRL

Novembre 30, 2014

« Nordic beauty **** […] A little treasure […] A magic disc that makes us dream, just like the beautiful poems by the composer, included in the booklet »
Caroline Rodgers

La Presse, November 1, 2014

« A work of great beauty »
François Couture

CFLX, October 7, 2014

« This is a wonderful multi-instrumentalist, very gifted. […] From baroque to early to traditional music, Jean-François carries us along in his poetic musical universe. This album is magnificent »
Élizabeth Gagnon

ICI Radio-Canada Première, September 28, 2014

« I didn’t expect to be utterly transported by such a creative artist!  […] What beautiful melodies! I’ve listened to his album over and over and I’m still enchanted by this music »
Devon Leger

KITHFOLK, February 11, 2016

« Another highly talented musician  […] His Scandinavian inspired compositions are gentle and mesmerising, and have a captivating natural flow and poetic flair »
Michael Moll

FolkWorld, March, 2019

« A truly passionate musician who delivers his art unreservedly […] he succeeds in creating a splendid atmosphere »
Réjean Beaucage

VOIR, October 22, 2015

« He composes […] with the precision and passion of a true craftsman »
Philippe Krümm

TRAD Magazine, March/April 2015

« A passionate and absolutely unique artist […] A beautiful, ambitious instrumental work […] A work of such timeless beauty that you want to listen to it straight through and then effortlessly listen to it again »
Ralph Boncy

ICI-MUSIQUE, January 22, 2015

« A superb creation with touches of Nordic, early and Baroque, traditional and folk music […] An album that is at once contemplative, calm, introspective, inward-looking […] In Les vents orfèvres, a number of worlds interweave: a harpsichord evokes the court of Versailles on clicking wooden keys; a meandering nyckelharpa signals a profound, ancient tradition; a little waltz zips along with double bass and viola da gamba; not counting the waltz played by the Claudel string quartet, harmonium and celestial voice, a traditional church sound with underlying organ and, finally, a bansuri invites meditation to the party »
Yves Bernard

Le Devoir, November 8, 2014

« Beautiful! […] This music is magical, delightful […] really exceptional […] When I listen to this disc, suddenly I want a fireplace, a snowstorm, a power failure, a glass of port »
Gilles Payer

MAtv, October 16, 2014

« What beautiful music! »
Mathieu Oligny

CHOQ, October 2, 2014

« A composer and multi-instrumentalist of genius […] Les vents orfèvres is a work of joyous contemplation, every note is perfect […] This album charts new ground with great sensitivity »
Yves Bernard

Le Devoir, September 19, 2014

« A piercing journey into the interior landscape of the artist’s mind […] Throughout we hear music-making of great vividness and immediacy; the songs seem to traverse not just time, but also a musical topography infinitely more vast than the relative insularity of the instrument »
Raul da Gama

The WholeNote, January 29, 2019

Les mauvais conseils


After two instrumental discs, Jean-François Bélanger released an album in 2003 in which a number of singers gave voice to his texts, melodies and arrangements. Also, for the first time, were included some traditional pieces. The result is a spellbinding, introspective album.



« His colours are those of autumn, his rhythms have a certain melancholy, with arrangements to match. And, with the distinguished guests he has invited to play, the overall quality is assured »
Bernard Lamarche

Le Devoir, 2003

« The composer has a remarkable talent for creating ambiance and atmosphere »
Karine Tremblay

La Tribune, 2003

« The sensitivity on this disc borders on virtuosity »
Guy Bouchard

Thirty Below, 2003

« Here folk is played with panache and the compositions are so finely arranged that you can nearly smell the Irish heather (…) More than any other traditional folk artist, JFB the composer has mastered the art of hybridizing, while JFB the musician has made rare pearls from every instrument he touches, like the sitar, violin, bottle-neck and nyckelharpa, among others. Belanger the arranger showcases the tragic and the beautiful, interpreted with great honesty by such luminaries as La Volée d’Castors, Catherine Lambert and … Daniel Boucher. A splendid disc! »
Yves Bernard

ICI, 2003

« You are going to really love this. A new favourite. Really a very, very good album »
Josée Bournival

Salut Bonjour weekend, 2003

«  Listen as though you were diving into a book of tales […] you are surrounded by the atmosphere and the universe that Jean-François Bélanger creates for us. The arrangements and execution are very impressive »
Éric Parazelli

Bande à Part.FM, 2003

Avant la derive


Released in 2000, Jean-François Bélanger’s second album is liberally inspired by a number of traditions and musical styles. Bringing together 35 musicians, with at least as many instruments from all around the world, the multi-instrumentalist gives us here more than an hour of compositions rich in imagery and cultural crossover.



« What a piece of composition, arrangement and interpretation! (…) We’re talking here about music, that has feelings, that talks to you, that expresses itself freely (…) There is a great diversity of sounds on this disc and overall a throughline that gives it all a great coherence (…) A creation that merits a place of honour on all the radio networks on the planet (…) Recommended anytime, anywhere and for a long time! »
Guy Bouchard

Thirty below, 2000

« This blissful homage to adventurous folk music would make Indiana Jones jealous »
Claude Côté

Voir Montréal, 2000

« Between a catch-all of traditional music and an imagined folklore, Jean-François Bélanger creates a coherent world, organised with sensitivity and intelligence »
Jean-Christophe Laurence

La Presse, 2000



Released in 1995, this album of instrumental compositions rapidly put Jean-François Bélanger on the map of Quebec folk music. Drawing on diverse influences, the signature of this young musician has proven to be his originality and accessibility. For this project, he has the enthusiastic participation of twenty other musicians. Twenty-five years on, this album will still be refreshingly original.



« This is a disc that does not leave the listener feeling indifferent […] His music deftly blends such diverse styles as Irish folk, rock, jazz, Indian raga, medieval music and classical, all with remarkable maturity and savoir-faire »

The Canadian Folk Music Bulletin, 1998

« He composes music that is at once earthly and soaring, a fusion of traditional and contemporary »
Élizabeth Gagnon

Radio-Canada, 1996

« I never believed it was possible to go further than La Bottine Souriante in pushing Quebec folklore into other textures and musical languages »
Dominique Denis

L’Express Toronto, 1997